Integrated Dissolution Solution for R&D and QC Labs

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Mettler Toledo and SOTAX partnered to develop a new dissolution solution system line for R&D and quality control laboratory processes.

Mettler Toledo and SOTAX, a Switzerland-based manufacturer of dissolution testing equipment of pharmaceutical dosage forms, have partnered to develop a new dissolution system line for R&D and quality control laboratory processes.

The system is based on Mettler Toledo’s UV7 Excellence spectrophotometer integrated with the SOTAX Xtend dissolution line. The joint solution can meet a range of needs, including manual operations and fully automated processes. According to Mettler, the various Xtend modules combined with the UV7, CuvetteChanger, and automatic optical performance verification CertiRef allow for seamless ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV/VIS) measurement integration. Automatic sampling and analyses at predefined intervals can be achieved in real time without operator intervention. 

The spectrophotometer FastTrack array technology provides instant measurement readiness, rapid delivery of results, and maximized compactness to optimize bench space, Mettler reports. The modular design of the instrument incorporates a selection of easily connected automation accessories. The CertiRef module, which renders the instrument fully compliant with United States Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia regulations, allows the required optical performance tests to be integrated into the analytical workflow. These tests are automatically executed and traceably documented. For maximal automation requirements, the CuvetteChanger offers efficient sample handling for up to eight cuvette positions. 


Source: Mettler Toledo