Integra Offers Clear Advantage Product for NGS Library Preparation

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Clear Advantage is a product line of multichannel reagent reservoirs to be used for creating a next-gen sequencing library

Integra Biosciences now offers Clear Advantage, a product line of multichannel reagent reservoirs that, along with its Voyager product line of adjustable-tip spacing electronic multichannel pipettes, helps ensure efficient and reliable pipetting for the preparation of next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries. The products help reduce experimental costs, according to the company.

The Clear Advantage reagent reservoir portfolio saves money and space by using disposable inserts that fit into reusable bases. The reservoirs are offered in 10-mL, 25-mL, and 100-mL sizes, now available with the SureFlo system, which minimizes dead volumes. The SureFlo system works through a series of tiny channels that enable pipette tips to sit on the bottom of a reservoir without sealing or creating a vacuum. This ensures the smooth flow of reagents by preventing liquid from “popping” into tips, filters, or pipettes-an issue that can lead to cross-contamination, inaccurate results, and increased pipette maintenance. Each reservoir also has a specially formulated inert, hydrophilic treatment that prevents liquid from pooling. Thus, the reservoir offers the lowest dead volumes on the market, with all reservoirs offering dead volumes of less than 50 μl.

SureFlo is made up of polystyrene and polypropylene reservoirs, appropriate for use with expensive reagents, such as polymerase chain reaction master mixes.

Source: Integra Biosciences