Innovative Start-Ups at CPHI Barcelona

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BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, November 2023, Volume 2, Issue 11

The Start-Up Market at CPHI Barcelona brings together 27 start-ups, innovators, and small enterprises from across the pharma landscape.

As CPHI Barcelona approaches, the pharmaceutical world is gearing up to explore promising innovations that could shape the future of healthcare. This year is historic for CPHI, as it introduces a dedicated exhibition zone exclusively for start-ups, which are the innovation hubs of the industry. As part of its overarching mission to accelerate the journey of innovative medicines to patients worldwide, CPHI is shining a spotlight on some of the most promising early-stage technological innovations poised to impact the global pharmaceutical landscape. In this context, we had the privilege to engage with two emerging start-ups, one in the realm of devices and the other specializing in enhancing solubility, both offering unique solutions set to reshape the pharmaceutical landscape.


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