IMU Biosciences Raises Millions in Series A Funding Round

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IMU Biosciences has secured £11.5 million in its Series A financing round.

IMU Biosciences—a UK-based company that is using technology to gain an understanding of the human immune response—has closed its Series A financing round, securing a total of £11.5 million ($14.6 million). The financing round was led by European tech VC Molten Ventures and included LifeX Ventures among others, according to a Jan. 24, 2024 press release.

The company’s proprietary CytAtlas platform, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform combined with deep immune data profiling, is finding applications across a breadth of high-growth areas thanks to its ability to provide insights into the human immune system. For example, in immune-oncology, the platform is enabling rapid immunophenotyping to be performed from liquid biopsy samples, and in cell therapy the platform is being applied to the identification of immune signatures in donors, which is improving manufacturing efficiency.

"With our technology, we’re building the world's largest immune data assets across health and disease, which allows us to perform analyses with a level of depth and granularity that was previously unthinkable," said Dr. Adam Laing, CEO and co-founder of IMU Biosciences, in the press release. “This systems-level approach to understanding immune function enables us to look at the bigger picture rather than just focusing on individual disease-associated parameters. Our goal is to revolutionize precision medicine, improving its effectiveness, reducing failure rates in clinical trials, and making these therapies more viable in the long run.”


"Our technology could fundamentally change how we approach patient stratification for advanced therapies, disease monitoring, and diagnostics," explained Dr. Tom Hayday, CSO and co-founder of IMU Biosciences, in the press release. "We're talking about better patient outcomes, more effective therapies, and even cost reductions in healthcare over the long term. This potential is already being recognized by pharma and biotech companies as well as leading academic institutions, offering us multiple opportunities to create significant value from strategic collaborations that leverage our unique approach."

With the funds raised, IMU Biosciences will seek to accelerate its roadmap, which will include advancing its CytAtlas platform and expanding its operations into the Boston/Cambridge, Mass. area.

Source: IMU Biosciences