Illumina Establishes New Center in India to Expand Genomics Capabilities

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BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, September 2023, Volume 2, Issue 9

Illumina’s new solutions center in Bengaluru, India, will expand access to genomics in the country.

The opening of a new solutions center in Bengaluru, India, by Illumina, a US-based company specializing in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies, in August 2023 not only expands Illumina’s capabilities in genomics, but also expands access to genomics in that country.

The new center houses a fully equipped laboratory with the latest next-generation sequencing and array technologies. It is also fully resourced with field applications and service engineers that can offer broad genomics capabilities. The center will also provide training and education to increase technical expertise and access to genomics locally.

The new center is a permanent facility on the ground in Bengaluru for Illumina, which has spent the past 16 years working in partnership with Premas Life Sciences, an India-based contract research organization and provider of niche technologies in genomics, cell biology, and biopharma. With the help of the new solutions center, Illumina will continue collaborative work with Premas to grow the genomics market in India, according to an Aug. 17, 2023 company press release.

"Expanding Illumina's presence in India allows the company to collaborate and be part of a vibrant biotech ecosystem with skilled labor, strong research and development resources, and supportive government policies," said Gretchen Weightman, senior vice-president, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Illumina, in the company press release. "In our 25th anniversary year, it's a very exciting time to be growing our physical presence in India to drive access and the further adoption of genomics to transform human health, particularly in oncology and infectious disease."


Illumina’s business in India is led by Abhishek Gupta, country manager, and, according to Weightman in the press release, "Abhishek brings vast knowledge and experience to Illumina India, and we look forward to supporting him and the team as they collaborate with and support our customers." said Weightman.

The new solutions center also presents the opportunity to pursue equitable access and more diverse data in India. "Democratizing genomics and making it available to the many and not just the few will take a collaborative approach. We must better reflect diversity in genomic data and drive awareness for, access to, and adoption of genomic technologies, through partnership," Weightman said in the release.

Source: Illumina