Hovione to Re-Join iBet

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Hovione has re-joined iBET to increase its R&D programs in novel and high potential pharmaceutical technologies and to combine expertise for industrial innovation in new therapeutic fields.

Hovione announced on May 27, 2021 that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with the Institute of Experimental and Technological Biology (iBET), a research and development (R&D) institution.

Hovione was previously a founding member of the institution in 1989 and re-joined to increase its R&D programs in the areas of novel and high potential pharmaceutical technologies, while combining expertise for industrial innovation in new therapeutic fields, Hovione said in a company press release.

“We are delighted with the return of Hovione to the membership of iBET,” said Paula Alves, CEO, iBET, in the press release. “Our goal is to strengthen the R&D capabilities of our members; this important partnership with Hovione will allow [our members] to pool together complementary scientific competencies and power the development of biopharmaceuticals that are essential to patient health. To win in the area of biologics and novel therapies it is critical to have access to state-of-the art competencies and support technologies.”


“The partnership with IBET opens a new chapter in Hovione's history,” added Guy Villax, CEO of Hovione, in the press release. “We will bring together our knowledge in chemistry [and] in cutting-edge technologies [as well as our knowledge] of the market and of the FDA regulatory process with iBET’s command of cell biology, viral biology, and bioprocessing. If the twentieth century was the century of chemistry, the 21st century is the one of biology. iBET scientists have built deep knowledge in specific areas; we plan to work together to turn that knowledge into industrial innovation.”

Source: Hovione