Hovione Expands its Continuous Manufacturing Offering and Services

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Hovione has expanded its drug product offering with a new manufacturing line dedicated to continuous tableting.

Hovione announced on September 6, 2022 that it has expanded its continuous manufacturing offering and services with a new manufacturing line, team, and facility.

The new continuous manufacturing facility is coming online at the Loures site in Portugal. Hovione is also strengthening its capabilities by establishing an experienced, multi-disciplinary global team in continuous tableting. The company is also upgrading its labs with the tools required to support the drug product lifecycle.

Hovione is offering customers a commercial continuous tableting platform designed to support key control needs and deliver on operational excellence, mechanistic modeling, and appropriate process analytical technology. The company’s quality system is designed to support the release of continuous tableting products through automated in-process controls, deployment of real-time release, and compliant digital infrastructure.


“Hovione has been historically focused on innovative technologies that benefit our customers and patients. With this investment in continuous tableting, our customers can rely on our support to bring much needed medicines to the market as fast as possible with the highest quality and manufacturing standards,” said Jean-Luc Herbeaux, CEO of Hovione, in a company press release. “We are investing to accelerate the adoption of this technology as we continue to innovate and enhance our offering around our areas of expertise.”

Source: Hovione