Generate Biomedicines Uses AI to Create Proteins That Have Never Existed

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BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, December 2022, Volume 1, Issue 12

Generate Biomedicines published a preprint describing technology that can generate novel proteins towards desired functional or other properties.

Generate Biomedicines, a pharmaceutical company based in the United States focused on protein generative platforms, recently published a preprint describing technology capable of generating novel proteins. The technology, enabled via their machine learning (ML) model, Chroma, is designed to tailor these proteins toward desired functional or other properties.

According to a company press release from Dec. 1, 2022, this program aims to aid the design of novel therapeutics and bring new medicines to patients faster, cheaper, and better tailored to specific conditions. Additionally, because Chroma learns from each new protein it produces and validates, the company believes the platform has the potential to scale therapeutic development to a degree previously unseen.

“We believe our model will have revolutionary implications. It is akin to learning how to ‘write’ in the mysterious language of proteins. Now that we have this ability, the possibilities of what we can produce are endless,” said Gevorg Grigoryan, co-founder and chief technology officer, Generate Biomedicines, in the release. “The transition from conventional drug discovery to generative biology will mean that we no longer discover suboptimal medicines that nature evolved for its own purposes; instead, we will be creating, or generating, purpose-built, highly efficacious medicines.”


Additionally, the company stated that the manuscript for the technology will be for peer-review and the preprint submitted to

Source: Generate Biomedicines