Gemini, BelHealth Acquire Orflo Technologies

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The companies will acquire Orflo’s two flagship products, the Moxi Z and the Moxi Go.

Gemini Bioproducts, a cell-culture solutions provider headquartered in Sacramento, CA, and BelHealth Investment Partners, a New York, NY-based healthcare equity firm, announced they were acquiring Orflo Technologies, a cell analysis instruments supplier in Ketchum, ID.

According to a Nov. 11, 2019 Gemini press release, Orflo was founded in 2003 and supplies a range of flow cytometers, cell counters, and associated consumables and reagents. The company’s two flagship products include the Moxi Z, a cell counter, and the Moxi Go, a benchtop flow cytometer that provides an informative window into cell analysis by directly measuring fluorescence, cell count, and cell volume simultaneously.

“Moxi Go and Moxi Z products will greatly enhance our offerings in the cell and gene therapy markets, providing customers real-time insights into their cells to help accelerate the pace in which they bring transformational therapies to patients,” said Dale Gordon, CEO, Gemini, in the press release. “The acquisition of Orflo demonstrates our commitment to building a world class cell processing and monitoring solution. We expect to invest additional resources into R&D and leverage our excellent customer support team for the Orflo instruments.”


“After almost two decades of developing our proprietary technology, we are excited about leveraging Gemini’s dedicated commercial organization with a shared vision of further developing this technology to help reach our full commercial potential,” added Ted Ayliffe, PhD, founder, Orflo, in the press release.

Source: Gemini Bioproducts