GE Healthcare Opens Life Sciences North American Headquarters in Boston Area

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A new facility in Marlborough, MA, will house laboratories to support GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ biomanufacturing and development operations.

GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences formally opened its new 210,000-sq-ft North American headquarters in Marlborough, MA, on June 23, 2016, featuring 40,000-sq-ft of laboratories supporting cell and immune therapy research and development, early stage drug development, biomanufacturing, and scientific and medical affairs support. Representatives of local government, state economic development authorities, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, and customers were present for the opening.

The laboratories will house GE’s ninth global Fast Trak facility, used for customer training and for GE personnel to assist in developing manufacturing workflows and optimizing biomanufacturing processes. GE’s FlexFactory manufacturing platform, designed for end-to-end, flexible, small batch biologic drug manufacturing, will be added in 2017.

The facility will employ more than 500 scientists and professionals in the Boston area when it reaches full capacity in 2017.

Manufacturing technologies for cell and immune therapies; early-stage research tools; technologies and consumables for manufacturing vaccines, insulin, and biologics; and contrast agents and nuclear medicine tracers to diagnose disease


The facility adds to GE’s presence in the Boston area. The company’s Westborough, MA, facility produces single-use products and consumables for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The FlexFactory platform was developed in Marlborough, MA and GE’s corporate headquarters will move to Boston in the summer of 2016.

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences