From Design to Qualification: Creating the Most Efficient Single-Use Facilities

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BioPharm International, BioPharm International, Manufacturing and Facilities November 2022, Volume 2022 eBook, Issue 4
Pages: 4–7

Through collaboration and transparency, engineering and automation companies can achieve great efficiencies and success for their customer by integrating intelligent design into a facility.

The world around us is rapidly changing. From modern medicine breakthroughs to a worldwide health crisis response, life sciences manufacturers must turn their focus to speed and reliability. One way they are doing this is by employing advanced single-use systems (SUSs) in connected facilities. It is well known that single-use equipment can help manufacturers increase efficiency and profitability by simplifying production and reducing the need for clean-in-place operations. But when many think of single-use technologies (SUTs), they often think of low automation; when in truth, the next generation of SUTs is highly advanced and offers a wide range of flexibility manufacturers need. These advances in SUSs help manufacturers add equipment that allows them to complete faster changeovers, provide flexibility in recipe management, and improve uptime. Technical advances are helping manufacturers get their pharmaceutical products to market faster while providing opportunities for increased automation. When the project goals are to maximize flexibility and data capture, while laying the foundation for digital transformation, early automation design collaboration is key to successfully starting up or adding intelligent technologies to a single-use facility.


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About the authors

Ryan Campbell is the technical consultant manager for Rockwell Automation. Kevin Schreier is the director of process engineering for IPS-Integrated Project Services, LLC.

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BioPharm International
eBook: Manufacturing and Facilities 2022
November 2022
Pages: 4–7


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