Freeze Dryer Loaders

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BioPharm International, BioPharm International, August 2021 Issue, Volume 34, Issue 8
Pages: 8

SP Scientific's SALS30 and RxR-36 are designed for fill/finish processing applications like freeze dryers.

SP Scientific Products expanded its freeze dryer loader range with the launch of the SemiAutomatic Loader (SALS30) and the Row-by-Row Loader (RxR-36). The good manufacturing practice-compliant loading systems are compatible with SP Hull LyoConstellation freeze dryers and are designed for fill/ finish processing applications that include freeze dryers.


The SALS-30 is designed to replace manual loading for medium and smaller batches with loading speeds up to 70 vials per minute. The SP Hull RxR36 is designed for full line vial applications that require speeds up to 400 vials per minute.

The loaders operate under aseptic and lowparticle conditions; human contact is limited to glove ports, providing operator and product isolation.

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