Explore Waters Bioprocess Walk-Up Solutions with Automated Sample Preparation and LC-MS Analytics

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[Brochure] Waters Bioprocess Walk-Up Solutions

Waters bioprocess walk-up solutions unlock access to high quality process and product data with just a few clicks, even for users with little knowledge of mass spectrometry. Providing streamlined integration of automated sample preparation and LC-MS analytics simplifies, accelerates and advances your bioprocess development.

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[Application Note] Simplifying Bioreactor In-Process Monitoring with Waters Bioprocess Walk-Up Solutions

Bioprocessing for protein production is a time-consuming process, typically lasting about two weeks. It is increasingly desirable to routinely monitor critical process and product attributes such as changes in nutrient profiles and high level glycoform information for the drug substance.

Read our latest application note to learn how the newly launched bioprocess walk-up solutions enable bioprocess engineers to collect attributes easily and rapidly for process related monitoring and optimization using the Andrew+ Pipetting Robot, Waters OneLab Software and the BioAccord LC-MS System.

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[On-Demand Webinar] Virtual Bioprocess Symposium and Demo

Watch now on demand the recording of our Virtual Bioprocess Symposium 2023 to learn from upstream bioprocess experts how direct LC-MS measurement of drug product quality attributes and cell media can enhance your bioprocess development. Discover how accessible data can help you accelerate clone selection and process development and find out how to develop quicker more robust processes.

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