Ensysce Biosciences and Quotient Sciences Announce Partnership

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Ensysce Biosciences and Quotient Sciences are partnering to develop and test Ensysce’s novel opioid designed to prevent abuse and overdose.

Ensysce Biosciences, a clinical-stage biotech company focused on improving prescription drug safety, and Quotient Sciences, a drug development and manufacturing accelerator, announced a partnership to support the development and clinical testing of PF614-MPAR.

According to a press release from August 31, 2022, PF614-MPAR is Ensysce’s novel opioid combination product for the potential treatment of chronic pain that is designed to prevent both abuse and overdose. Quotient Sciences will use its integrated Translational Pharmaceutics platform to identify a PF614-MPAR formulation that allows conversion into oxycodone within the prescribed dose range, but reduces conversion to oxycodone at higher than prescribed dose levels in an overdose scenario. The formulation will balance dose and release rate and will be tested in the clinic on humans rather than preclinical species.

“The PF614-MPAR program is designed to fill a great unmet need for effective pain medications that reduce the risk of abuse and specifically prescription drug overdose,” said Lynn Kirkpatrick, CEO of Ensysce Biosciences, in the release. “This partnership serves as validation of our mission and ultimately our platforms. We continue to make strong progress towards our clinical development of PF614 and are excited to partner with Quotient Sciences to develop PF614-MPAR, as we believe we will be bringing to market important therapeutic options for those in severe pain.”


Source: Quotient Sciences