Eli Lilly and Welldoc to Collaborate on New Digital Insulin Management Solution

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The companies will integrate Welldoc’s digital insulin management solution, BlueStar, into Eli Lilly’s connected insulin solutions.

Eli Lilly and Company announced on Feb. 25, 2021 that it has entered into a collaboration and licensing agreement with Welldoc to integrate its digital insulin management solution, BlueStar, into Lilly’s connected insulin solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will create a new version of the management solution that will feature insulin dosing data for Eli Lilly insulins. In the first version of the platform, a data transfer module will attach to the top of a prefilled, disposable insulin pen, Eli Lilly said in a company press release. Eli Lilly also plans to develop a fully disposable connected insulin pen for future versions. The app will allow healthcare providers to provide insight regarding diabetes care.

Both companies will submit their pieces of the new management solution to FDA in 2021; Lilly will submit the data transfer module and Welldoc will submit the new app. If approved, Eli Lilly will commercialize the pen platform in the United States and consider launching to other regions, according to the press release.

"Insulin dosing data are a critical piece of the diabetes management puzzle for people who use insulin to manage their diabetes, and Lilly has made significant progress in developing connected insulin pen solutions to provide access to those data," said Kevin McRaith, president and CEO of Welldoc, in the press release. "Our software will now bring all of the most important diabetes data directly into the hands of people living with the condition, their caregivers, and their healthcare providers. Bringing various elements of a patient's care under one platform is critical for those who are managing multiple comorbidities and providers who are working to effectively manage population health.”


"Today, less than half of people who use insulins are achieving their target A1C goals. We want to simplify the experience of using insulin by integrating our medicines with the most innovative technology available," added Marie Schiller, vice president of product development for Connected Care and Insulins at Eli Lilly, in the press release. "We are excited to collaborate with Welldoc. Together, we will combine their advanced software capabilities and expansive insulin management features with our connected insulin pen solutions with the goal of easing the burden of diabetes care on people living with the condition."

Source: Eli Lilly