Elastrin Therapeutics Develops Humanized Antibody to Treat COVID-19-Related Issues

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The company is developing the first humanized antibody that can control the inflammatory response and prevent uncontrolled inflammation connected to the virus.

On March 26, 2020, Elastrin Therapeutics, a biotech startup, announced it has developed the world’s first humanized antibody that targets exposed elastin fiber that leads to impaired lung function, and is currently pursuing investments to further development. The antibody will be used to treat respiratory conditions related to COVID-19 infection.

According to a company press release, many COVID-19 patients have a pre-existing condition that destroys elastic fiber, which is necessary for air sacs and blood vessels to deliver oxygen and blood. The damaged fiber then turns the body’s immune system against itself, making the patients with the pre-existing condition more likely to die from the virus. The company’s antibody works to control the inflammatory response and prevent uncontrolled inflammation through a proprietary antibody-guided, drug-loaded nanoparticle, the press release said.

"These types of epidemics will be the new normal unless we develop a sustained solution that deals with the underlying factors," said Elastrin Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Naren Vyavahare, in the press release. "We are proud that Elastrin might make a unique contribution to addressing these diseases. It is important not to give false hope. Still, we do have proof of the concept of being able to affect the inflammatory cascade, and there is extensive clinical evidence that the active ingredients already have beneficial effects. Our next steps are underway as we are approaching emergency agencies and laboratories experienced with animal models and handling of the virus."


Currently, Elastrin is seeking partnerships with companies developing therapies for pulmonary diseases, according to the press release.

Source: Elastrin