EAG Launches New Lab in China for Product Improvement

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The new lab will be dedicated to improving materials and electronics using advanced imaging and surface analysis expertise.

EAG Laboratories, a Eurofins company based in San Diego, CA and specializing in scientific services, announced the launch of its new laboratory in Shanghai, China, on Aug. 15, 2019. The new facility will focus on improving materials, products, and electronics while using advanced imaging and surface analysis expertise and providing manufacturers with direct access to scientific expertise in the analysis of physical structures, chemical properties, and composition of materials.

The lab comes equipped with advanced microscopy capabilities in transmission electron microscopy (TEM [FEI Themis Z]), which is capable of ultra-high energy resolution and ultra-high sub-atomic spatial resolution for imaging and chemistry, and dual beam focused ion beam (FIB) (Helios G4 HX and UC FIBs). The new facility also improves the company’s abilities in secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) with the PHI ADEPT 1010 SIMS tool, which is optimized for high-depth resolution analysis of semiconductors, thin films, and bulk insulators.


Source: EAG Laboratories