Dyadic Achieves G2 Human-Like Glycosylation Milestone

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The company presented data on its G2 glycosylation studies at the 15th European Conference on Fungal Genetics in Rome on Feb. 19, 2020.

Dyadic International, a biotechnology company specializing in a proprietary C1 gene expression platform, announced on Feb. 24, 2020 that its C1 fungus-derived strain has been glycol-engineered to achieve a core human-like G2 glycal level over 76% on host cell proteins (HCP). Data from its studies were presented at the 15th European Conference on Fungal Genetics in Rome on Feb. 19, 2020.

The G2 glycosylation data was presented by Anne Huuskonen, senior scientist from the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT). The scientific results are outlined in a presentation entitled, ''Development of Filamentous Fungus Myceliophthora thermophila C1 into a Next-Generation Therapeutic Protein Production System." An overview of the presentation is available on Dyadic's website.

"Our collaboration with Dyadic continues to achieve new scientific milestones regarding glycoengineering Dyadic's C1 industrially proven cell line, building upon the 95% core human G0 glycosylation milestone that was reported by Markku Saloheimo, PhD, senior principal scientist at VTT, during the PEGS Europe (Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit) in November 2019," said Huuskonen, in a company press release.

"Our C1 glycoengineering efforts continue to target our goals in developing C1 cell lines that produce high proportions of human-like glycoforms such as G0, G2, G0F, and G2F on heterologous proteins," said Ronen Tchelet, PhD, Dyadic's chief scientific officer, in the press release. "In addition to the glycosylation results, VTT also presented data showing that we continue to make excellent progress in reducing the extracellular protease background by fifty (50) times in C1. The elimination of protease activity makes the C1 cell line more efficient, leading to even higher expression levels and lower cost than before."


"We are very pleased to announce this additional milestone," Matthew Jones, Dyadic's chief commercial officer, stated in the press release. "These important G0 and G2 glycosylation and other scientific advances further demonstrate the power of our C1 gene expression platform coupled with the dedication and world-class expertise of the VTT scientists. We expect that these scientific achievements will open new doors to apply C1 to a broader array of glycosylated biopharmaceuticals, further extend the [c]ompany's market opportunities for biologic vaccines and drugs, and continue to generate interest from biotech and pharmaceutical companies, academic, and other institutes as well as governmental agencies in animal and human health industries."

Source: Dyadic International