Do you know the feeling of product loss?

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RoSS® // Robust Storage and Shipping for all single use bags

Liquid bulk drug substance is of utmost value after manufacturing from Biopharma industries. The single-use bag independent platform RoSS® helps to avoid product loss through breakages through robust composition and makes it possible to introduce your flexible end-to-end solution in drug substance logistics.
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Case study: Product Loss Cost efficiency

Biopharmaceutical companies have largely accepted a certain level of product loss when managing drug substances in single-use systems - unaware that solutions exist to streamline process steps and dramatically diminish product loss. A global biotechnology company’s goal was to reduce the current product loss below 0.5%

Case study: Product Loss Bag independence

The choice of single-use bioprocess containers in biopharmaceutical handling has had consequences for the performance and requirements in biomanufacturing until now. Lack of compatibility and inflexibility of platform systems have determined future investments. A global CDMO has set its goal to find single-use bag-independent solutions to increase process flexibility whilst minimizing product loss rate.