CytoReason Announces Expanded Collaboration Deal with Pfizer

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CytoReason has announced an expanded collaboration deal with Pfizer to deliver AI for drug discovery and development.

CytoReason announced an extension of its multi-year partnership with Pfizer on Sept. 20, 2022 . The partnership will allow Pfizer to use CytoReason’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its drug development programs.

According to a company press release, the extended research agreement and investment aims to support the development of additional disease models and the creation of high-resolution models across a number of therapeutic areas. Under the agreement, Pfizer will make a $20 million equity investment, have options to license CytoReason’s platform and disease models, and fund supplementary project support in a deal potentially worth up to $110 million over the next five years. The collaboration began in 2019, and since then Pfizer has used CytoReason’s biological models in its research to enhance the understanding of the immune system. CytoReason’s platform has provided Pfizer with multiple insights in research and development programs across over 20 diseases.

“We’re pleased to expand our strategic collaboration with CytoReason,” said Mikael Dolsten, chief scientific officer and president, Pfizer, in the release. “We look forward to continuing our work with the company’s leading scientists, and to leveraging its cutting-edge platform. CytoReason’s biological data allows us to gain deeper insight into the best drug development pathways for patients, resulting in more informed decisions that are timely and cost-effective.”


Source: Pfizer