Custom Viral Vector Manufacturing Protocols to be Produced by Univercells Technologies and VectorBuilder

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Univercells Technologies and VectorBuilder to produce custom viral vectors for cell and gene therapies as well as vaccine applications.

A new partnership has been formed, as Univercells Technologies will work with VectorBuilder to produce manufacturing protocols for custom viral vectors intended for cell and gene therapies as well as vaccine applications at VectorBuilder’s manufacturing center in Guangzhou, China.

The demand for custom, GMP-grade viral vectors has increased with the advances in cell and gene therapy. In addition, interests in recombinant viral vaccines have increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But according to the press release, traditional manufacturing technologies lack the cost-effectiveness and scalability in order to accommodate the demand.

With this partnership, both companies will work to develop optimized viral vector manufacturing protocols, which will maximize customers’ performance and commercialization success.


Source: Univercells Technologies