CuriRx Launches CuriLytics Platform

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CuriRx’s CuriLytics platform is a mass spectrometry instrument that will support complex biotherapeutics development.

CuriRx, a contract research and product development organization, announced the launch of their CuriLytics platform on Sept. 21, 2021. The CuriLytics platform is designed to support the development of complex biotherapeutics.

CuriLytics uses high-resolution mass spectrometry and various orthogonal characterization methods to characterize modern biopharmaceutical drugs. This allows it to identify quality attributes of protein candidates at the individual residue level. It can analyze complex molecules such as recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, or antibody drug conjugates, among others.

"Analytical methods to characterize and assess highly complex biotherapeutics have struggled to keep up, putting many drug-development programs at risk,” said CuriRx CEO Indu Javeri in a company press release. “The CuriLytics platform is designed to provide confidence to biotherapeutic developers from discovery to regulatory approval."


Source: CuriRX