CSL Behring Announces Global Facility Expansions

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CSL Behring announced that it plans to invest $450 million to expand its Melbourne, Australia and Kankakee, Illinois facilities, which will increase production of albumin and plasma intermediates.

CSL Behring announced on Oct. 8, 2014 that it will invest $450 million in an expansion project. CSL Behring researches, develops, and manufactures plasma protein biotherapies for the use in conditions such as hemophilia and immune deficiencies. Current facilities are in Switzerland, Germany, Australia, and Illinois.

A $210 million investment is planned to expand the Melbourne, Australia facility, which will allow CSL Behring to increase albumin production. Albumin, a globular protein made naturally by the liver, is also a plasma expander that can boost plasma volume and can be used to treat patients who have suffered blood loss as the result of hemorrhage or shock. Work on the facility will begin late in 2014 or early 2015, and will last approximately four years.

An investment of $240 million is also planned for the Kankakee, Illinois facility to expand production of plasma intermediates used in the manufacture of albumin and immunoglobulins. The expansion will introduce an additional 300,000 square feet to the current facility and it will be completed in 2017, according to a press release.


“As a global science-based company with decades of experience and insight, we are uniquely positioned to serve patients with rare and serious diseases, said CEO Paul Perreault, in a press release. “Providing innovative treatments to save and extend lives is an important part of our patient care, including ensuring we have the capabilities and capacity to meet patients’ growing needs. Our latest production expansion means the critical base material for our leading therapies will continue to be available—enabling us to deliver on our promise to patients around the world.”

Source: CSL Behring