CPhI Worldwide Survey Indicates 2019 Should be a Strong Year for Pharma

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The latest CPhI Worldwide survey results have revealed a promising outlook for the global pharma economies.

The latest CPhI Worldwide survey results have revealed a promising outlook for the global pharma economies, according to a press statement release on Oct. 22, 2018. Pre-audit figures from the 2018 event highlighted a strong international contingency, accounting for nearly 88% of the total number of unique attendees.

CPhI Worldwide is a global platform that is considered to be a barometer for the overall health of the pharma industry. If the event outcome is considered to be healthy it is generally considered that this will reflect in a prosperous coming year for the industry.

The annual survey from the event, CPhI Pharma Index, reiterated the strength of the show and global pharma. In this year’s survey, eight of the top 10 nations had shown an improvement in their overall score across all the categories assessed. 

Market growth potential generally demonstrated an increase with the largest increases seen for the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, and Japan. China, however, saw a decrease in growth, which was reported as possibly being a result of the ongoing trade issues with the US. 


Additionally, when reviewing the reputational rankings of each country, it was found that China and India have both made huge strides in improving their overall reputations. On the flip side, Germany’s reputational rank declined, although it still came in as the second top country overall in this category.

“The 2018 CPhI Worldwide event showcased the incredible strength of pharma, and we are seeing good growth potential across all sectors from API and finished product to bio, generics, and new chemical entities. But what has been most significant is the internationalization of partnering; furthermore, we see a wider spread of international attendees year-on-year at CPhI Worldwide,” revealed Orhan Caglayan, brand director of the event in a press release. “Another notable trend and reflected in our content programs at the event, has been the rise of innovation in the industry, with more new products in development, but also, new technologies that lower overall production costs.”

Source: CPhI Online