CPhI Worldwide Announces 2015 Expert Panel

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CPhI Worldwide announces the 2015 Expert Panel, including 2014 panel veterans and three new members.


On May 15, 2015, CPhI Worldwide welcomed three new members to its CPhI Expert Panel: Kurt Nielson, Vivek Sharma, and Alan Sheppard. In September and October of 2015, CPhI will release its annual report in conjunction with the CPhI Worldwide 2015 event, a report that provides key industry experts with the opportunity to give an overview of pharmaceuticals across the entire pharma supply chain.

In 2015, seven of 2014s panel members will return to offer their expertise on the industry, with the addition of three new members. Kurt Nielson who is the vice-president of US Development, Portfolio, and Launch Management at Sandoz, will focus on “how to optimize development programs and bring new drugs to market faster,” according to a press release. Vivek Sharma, CEO of Piramal Critical Care & Pharma Solutions, will replace colleague Vijay Shah to give insights about the industry, and Alan Sheppard, principal of Global Generics & Thought Leadership at IMS Health, will provide a look at the global growth of generic drugs and how that growth will impact the industry during the next 5 to 10 years.


“CPhI’s expert panel provides leading expertise on all aspects of pharmaceuticals from different global perspectives. The 2014 report examined major issues and developments across the industry including regulatory challenges from a globalized industry to cost savings through manufacturing process, [quality by design] QbD, and [process analytical technology] PAT. This year’s annual report will continue to expand the scope of reputable insights across the pharma industry, looking to analyze future trends, regulatory risks, and supply chain issues. The new additions to the 2015 panel increase our breadth of expertise across the pharma industry even further, and keep our annual report analysis at the forefront of the pharma news agenda,” said Chris Kilbee, group director pharma at UBM EMEA, in a press release.

The remaining seven members that served on the 2014 Expert Panel include:

  • Prabir Basu, president, Pharma Manufacturing

  • Hendrik Baumann, CEO, Arevipharma

  • Brian Carlin, director open innovation, FMC

  • Emil Ciurczak, president, Doramaxx Consulting

  • Girish Malhotra, president and founder, Epcot International

  • Hedley Rees, managing director, PharmaFlow

  • Dilip G Shah, CEO, Vision Consulting Group and a regulatory expert.

Source: CPhI