Corning and CytoSMART Partner on Cell Counting Device

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Corning will become the exclusive supplier of CytoSMART's new cell counter device that simplifies mammalian cell counting.

On Feb. 2, 2018, Corning and CytoSMART Technologies, a company spin-off from The Netherlands' Eindhoven University of Technology that manufacturers ultra-compact live-imaging systems and cell counters for biological laboratories, announced an agreement to simplify mammalian cell counting in laboratories. Cell counting is a critical subcultivation step in the cell-culture workflow, according to the companies.

CytoSMART developed new technology that is used in the Corning Cell Counter device, which will be supplied exclusively by Corning. The new technology offers enhanced speed for automated cell counting. The device will be available through Corning´s global sales team and worldwide distribution network.

Many laboratories still perform manual cell counting using a hemocytometer or a counting slide viewed under a microscope. In comparison, the Corning Cell Counter returns an accurate and precise digital cell count in a few seconds. The device can accommodate the standard reusable hemocytometer or disposable slides but the need for microscopic viewing to perform the cell count will no longer be needed, according to Corning.

"The Corning Cell Counter will not only simplify the workflow in cell culture laboratories, it is time saving and more reliable than standard methods," said Robb D'Amore, business director, Corning Life Sciences, in a company press release. "The addition of the Corning Cell Counter is a perfect complement to our expanding cell culture portfolio of vessels, surfaces, media and sera, and liquid handling devices."

"Our goal is to create intuitive products that support life science researchers to get the most out of their work," said Joffry Maltha, CEO, CytoSMART Technologies, in the press release. "For the Corning Cell Counter, we managed to create a more user friendly cell counter by combining the latest technological advances, including Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Azure's cloud technology, and a very inviting compact design that conveys simplicity and innovation. Our collaboration with Corning is a fantastic opportunity to bring this product to the life sciences researchers."

Source: Corning