Components Enhance High Volume Injectable Drug Delivery Systems

Published on: 

West introduced NovaPure 3-mL Cartridge components and the SmartDose Gen. II 10-mL injector.

West Pharmaceutical Services launched NovaPure 3-mL Cartridge components, which are plunger and lined-seal components designed for consistent delivery for higher-volume injectable drug delivery systems. The company also announced that the SmartDose Gen. II 10-mL injector, for subcutaneous delivery of up to 10-mL in volume, is now available for commercialization. 

The cartridge components expand the NovaPure product portfolio, which already included stoppers and syringe plungers. NovaPure components are produced with quality principles that result in dimensional control and consistency, vision inspection and visible particulate control, and quality particle specification. The new components are specifically designed for 3-mL cartridges often used in autoinjectors and other drug delivery devices. They incorporate West’s Westar pharmaceutical wash and sterilization, FluroTec barrier film, and a comprehensive data package, and they are suitable for sensitive biologic drugs coming to market.

West’s SmartDose portfolio of devices enables home-based drug administration for injectables. The SmartDose Gen. II 10-mL drug delivery system adheres to the patient's body, so patients can remain hands-free during the injection, which may range from minutes to hours. The company has now completed the development work to enable up to 10-mL of medication injection.


Source: West Pharmaceutical Services