CO2 Incubators Available in the EU

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Caron’s Wally CO2 incubators for laboratories are now available for purchase in the European Union.

Caron, a supplier of temperature and environmental control equipment, announced on Feb. 11, 2019 that its Wally COincubators are now CE-certified and available for sale in the European Union.

According to the company, the incubator’s wall-hugging format makes the most of tight lab environments, opening up aisles and hallways to improve workflows. The slim profile also cuts out wasted shelf space, reportedly giving users twice the usable culture area of existing incubators.

Features include patented GelJacket thermal protection with temperature maintenance after power loss of a water jacket, hands-free door opening, ISO-5 air filtration, available two-hour dry H2O2 chamber sterilization, and touchscreen display with intuitive breadcrumb navigation.


Source: Caron