CMIC Joins DTRA as a Founding Company

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CMIC will work to advance decentralized trials in Japan.

CMIC, a Japanese contract resource organization (CRO), announced on Jan. 12, 2021 that it has joined the Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance (DTRA), an organization aiming to accelerate the adoption of decentralized clinical trials, as a founding company.

By joining as a founding company, CMIC will become a part of the DTRA Leadership Council and will begin advancing decentralized trials in Japan by establishing its connection with organizations and companies in the United States, CMIC said in a company press release.

“By joining the Leadership Council, CMIC will be able to study real-world examples of decentralized clinical trials that are led in the US, and network with US organizations,” said Toru Fujieda, president of CMIC, in the press release. “Through this, CMIC will be able to formulate realistic and efficient studies within the Japanese clinical trial environment and propose solutions for challenges that arise during a trial. As a member of DTRA, we will leverage the latest global digital health technology to the fullest and contribute to smooth decentralized trial conduct in Japan. Furthermore, as the largest Japanese CRO with a broad Asian footprint, we will bring our decentralized trial adoption experiences, trends, and needs of the fast-growing Asian market into DTRA, in order to facilitate the development of future global standards.”


Source: CMIC