Clinical Syringe Packages Increase Productivity

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BioPharm International, BioPharm International-05-01-2014, Volume 27, Issue 5

Clinical Syringe Packages Increase Productivity

Vetter introduces two clinical syringe packages that can start syringe development earlier in the drug development process, potentially cutting up to 18 months off time-to-market. Vetter’s Clinical Syringe Standard Package includes all development activities through launch, while the Clinical Syringe Starter Package offers a range of testing without the financial commitment to a clinical fill.


The standard package is an inclusive service, starting with the materials selection, which is a combination of syringe, needle, and stopper to meet a compound’s requirements and continuing through cGMP clinical syringe filling. The starter package begins with the same materials selection, proceeds through feasibility testing and regulatory consultation, and ends with a non-cGMP stability run.

According to the company, these packages may make it easier to recruit medical clinics for trials that use prefilled syringes, since they require less handling and preparation than vials and have reduced risk of needle-sticks.