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BioPharm International, BioPharm International-03-01-2011, Volume 24, Issue 3

BioPharm International is the longest-running peer-reviewed publication dedicated to your work.

Recently we announced the appointment of Michelle Hoffman as Editorial Director of Advanstar's Pharmaceutical Drug Development and Manufacturing Group, which now includes BioPharm International, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, and the IVT Journals. I am pleased to join Ms. Hoffman as BioPharm International's new publisher.

Allen Basis

It is exciting to work with an editor whose curriculum vita matches our tagline, "The Science & Business of Pharmaceuticals." Michelle's appointment and my employment and dedication to BioPharm International are examples of an evolving list of investments Advanstar Communications, our parent, is making in the brand. With more than 20 years of media management, I am dedicated to developing new and innovative ways of delivering the content you've come to depend on in print and online.


BioPharm International is the longest-running peer-reviewed publication dedicated to facilitating your work in the development and manufacturing of biotherapeutics and managing related business issues. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date, reliable, and insightful information available to you in the biopharmaceutical market. To ensure that we meet your needs, I will seek your opinions about our performance.

We strive to equip you to manage your technical and business challenges effectively, but if we can serve you better with more news and information on tools, techniques, or business, we invite you to please let us know. Please drop us a line and be sure to look for us at industry conferences and expos throughout the year.

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Allen Basis is the publisher of BioPharm International,