Change is Afoot at CPhI

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New investments, expansions, and company rebranding are discussed at CPhI.

CPhI is buzzing with talk of new investments, expansions, and company rebranding. For instance, in September 2014 SGS completed a new lab in Carson, California that will offer microbioligical testing and bioanalytical services to biotech companies in the region. The company is also constructing a new, state-of-the-art QC lab outside of Paris and is expanding its laboratory in Shanghai with no bioanalytical capabilities, including cytotoxicity and endotoxin testing, cell-based assays, and others.

Hovione, meanwhile, has changed its logo to reflect the fact that it now has capabilities in both chemistry and biotechnology. The company is celebrating both 10 years of commercial spray drying and the largest installed capacity for commercial GMP spray drying. Hovione will also be expanding its Hovione New Jersey manufacturing site, which has capabilities in cryogenic chemistry, hydrogenation, fluorination, and the production of highly potent APIs.


To reflect its responsiveness to customer needs, Dr. Reddy's CPS has introduced a new logo and tag line -"The Power of Now." In addition, to ensure that it is aligned with customer needs,the company has hired a new head of R&D and a new North American Manager and appointed and created a new business development position in Asia. Key technologies for Dr. Reddy's CPS include chiral chemistry, pegylation technology, continuous processing, and the production of steroids and highly potent compounds, including drug substances and formulated products at both development and commercial scales.