Cellink Bioprinting Platform Offers Flexibility

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Cellink’s BIO X6, a six-printhead bioprinting platform, offers the capability to combine more materials, cells, and tools to enhance research applications across the bioprinting field.

BIO X6, a six-printhead bioprinting platform recently launched by Cellink, a Boston, MA-based bioprinting company, enables users to combine more materials, cells, and tools than other systems on the market, offering flexibility in bioprinting. The product, launched in September 2019, incorporates the company’s patented Clean Chamber Technology and intelligent exchangeable printhead technology. 

The BIO X6 can meet the needs of advanced tissue engineers, regenerative medicine labs, and cancer biologists that require high-throughput bioprinting and dispensing.

“Organs and tissues are comprised of many different cell types. With the BIO X6, users can combine six or more cell types to print advanced organ and tissue models. [It] gives the user freedom to combine multiple materials in one print, and the capability to create more complex architectures,” said Itedale Namro Redwan, chief scientific officer, Cellink, in a company press release. “Being able to use different pressures, temperatures, and printing methods simultaneously in six different positions is revolutionary. Users can mix the cells in each printhead with a tailored bioink, providing the cells with the biological environment they need to achieve the desired architecture.”


The system comes with a movable arm mount, enabling multiple possibilities in one system. Users can either control through a Wi-Fi connection or through a detachable tablet on the movable arm mount.

Source: Cellink