Catalent to Develop Biosimilars for Valerius Biopharma

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Valerius Biopharma will use Catalent’s GPEx technology to produce cell lines for biosimilar drugs.

Catalent Pharma Solutions and Valerius Biopharma, a Swiss biopharmaceutical company, announced on May 14, 2018 that Catalent Biologics will provide cell line development and support cGMP manufacturing activities from Phase I through to commercial stages at its biologics manufacturing facility in Madison, WI for Valerius’ biosimilar products.

The project will use Catalent’s GPEx technology, which creates production cell lines in a variety of mammalian host cells. The company reported in a press release that, to date, more than 460 different monoclonal antibodies and monoclonal antibody fusions, and more than 50 different recombinant proteins, have been produced using the GPEx system, achieving fed-batch production titers of over 7 g/L.

Valerius Biopharma was founded to develop biosimilar products as alternatives to high-priced biologics, for indications where there is a substantial medical need. The company’s current product pipeline includes four biosimilar products in different development stages.


Source: Catalent Pharma