Boehringer Ingelheim to Establish Biopharmaceutical Production Facility in Vienna

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Boehringer Ingelheim announced it will establish a new biopharmaceutical production facility in Vienna.

Boehringer Ingelheim will make a significant investment in biopharmaceutical production at its Vienna site, according to a Dec. 22, 2015 press announcement from the company.

The company will establish a new large-scale biopharmaceutical production facility for active ingredients manufactured using cell cultures. With the roughly half billion-euro investment, Boehringer Ingelheim will also create more than 400 new jobs in the Austrian capital.

“This is a decision for Europe as a pharma location,” said Professor Andreas Barner PhD, chairman of the board of managing directors at Boehringer Ingelheim. “We took a close look at various international options as part of the investment decision, also considering the research environment at potential sites. The clincher for Vienna was ultimately the company’s desire to additionally secure the market supply of biopharmaceutical products and to balance the risk by establishing a further independent facility.”


In Vienna, the company has already produced pharmaceutical active ingredients using microorganisms; over the next few years, cell-culture technology will also be transferred to the plant. According to the company, the new production plant will go into operation by 2021. Boehringer Ingelheim has already been operating two large-scale facilities for the market launch and cell-culture-based manufacture of biopharmaceuticals in Biberach, Germany.

Source: Boehringer Ingelheim