bioLIVE Survey Ranks Top Bioprocessing Nations

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Preliminary survey results rank the United States, Germany, and Japan as tier-one nations for bioprocessing performance and potential.

Countries home to traditional Big Pharma manufacturers ranked among the top performers for biomanufacturing performance, according to provisional results of a survey conducted by bioLIVE, a bioprocessing and manufacturing event that will be held in Madrid, Spain, Oct. 9–11, 2018, adjacent to the CPhI Worldwide trade show.

In the survey, respondents were asked to evaluate the performance and potential of nations with mature and emerging markets. The preliminary results announced on Aug. 30 reflect responses from 236 surveyed companies.

Executives from global pharmaceutical companies ranked the United States at the top of major categories including knowledge of professionals, ability to meet future capacity, bio innovation, and quality of processing. Germany and Japan were also ranked in the top tier, followed by Sweden and the United Kingdom, according to an Aug. 30, 2018 press statement from bioLIVE. Complete results will be announced at the bioLIVE event.

“If we look at quality and innovation-both important attributes for advancing bioprocessing technologies-the US, Germany, and Japan are ranked highest, followed by several other European countries, where biomanufacturing is a mature industry,” commented Dawn M. Ecker of BioProcess Technology Consultants, in the bioLIVE press statement. “China and India, both burgeoning markets for biologics, were not ranked as high for innovation. This perception may relate to the still developing biologics and bioprocessing industry in these regions, coupled with the knowledge of their existing reputations for mass production of generics.”

The United States also was ranked the highest in growth potential, ahead of emerging regions in China, Ireland, and Singapore, bioLIVE reports. With respondents ranking nations on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, China scored below 6 for bio innovation and quality of biological manufacturing, demonstrating that the nation’s reputation in biologics lags that of the more established players.

Ireland scored 7.2 out of 10 on knowledge of bio professionals, and second to Germany among European Union countries in growth potential. Ireland’s National Institute for Bioprocessing Research (NIBRT) will offer a conference session on bioprocessing staff training at bioLIVE.


“Surprisingly, Ireland did not score as high as other European countries, despite the strong presence of biopharma manufacturing and the significant number of biomanufacturing facilities to be built here in the coming years. In this case, perception may be related to the increased demand for skilled staff, with not enough skilled staff to support the projected additional capacity growth,” Ecker said in the bioLIVE statement.

“Overall, our results suggest that whilst the US is clearly ahead, the majority of countries scored between 6 and 7, and it was very, very even. It suggests it’s a very level playing field in terms of business opportunities and that attendees at bioLIVE will be open to working with a very diverse supply chain,” said Rutger Oudejans, brand director at bioLIVE in the statement.

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Source: bioLIVE