bioLIVE to Launch Global Biopharma Country Ranking

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Major countries will be ranked based on the potential for biopharma market growth, innovation, and competitiveness.

bioLIVE, the UBM bioprocessing and manufacturing event opening this year in Madrid on Oct. 9–11, 2018 will be introducing a biologics manufacturing and processing league table to rank the world’s largest biologics markets based on quality of products, growth potential of the market, innovation, and the ability to meet future capacity constraints.

“Biologics capacity is growing quickly and will increase by nearly 40% over the next four years. Asia and European countries are building more facilities, which is reducing the USA’s overall market share of capacity. What no one has yet evaluated is the relative perceived strengths of each region. The perception of each country will undoubtedly be a factor in realizing its growth potential,” added Rutger Oudejans, Brand Director at UBM for bioLIVE, in a press statement.

With the number of biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities increasing globally, the perception of the ability to meet future demand could affect major investment decisions. The study will evaluate which markets are perceived to have growth potential domestically and internationally and what the geopolitical and supply chain risk is in regions such as Korea, China, and Singapore. Results could show certain countries being viewed as exceptional for capacity and production, and others for knowledge and innovation.


A central feature of bioLIVE will be access to the best available bio content, and later this year, there will also be a new biologics section to the CPhI annual expert report. Global bio industry experts such as Eric Langer are being called upon to forecast the industry’s’ direction over the next few years.

Source: bioLive