BioChain Institute Extends Spatial Multiomics Services

Published on: 
BP Elements, BioPharm International's BP Elements, May 2023, Volume 2, Issue 5

BioChain has reached partnerships with NanoString and 10x Genomics to extend its spatial multiomics services.

BioChain Institute, a supplier of biosample products and services, recently announced the extension of its spatial multiomics services via partnerships with NanoString Technologies and 10X Genomics. NanoString is a biotechnology company specializing in technology and translational research solutions, while 10X Genomics is a biotechnology company focused on gene sequencing technology.

According to an April 18, 2023 press release, spatial profiling is a technique that reveals the spatial context of RNA and proteins in tissue. BioChain spatial profiling technology uses a three-step process: selecting tissue samples, working with spatial biology scientists to determine which spatial path to use, and running the customized spatial process.


“Our partnerships, combined with our in-house services, make us a full-service provider of spatial biology services,” said Vidyodhaya Sundaram, vice-president of Business Development, BioChain, in the release. “With the technologies now available from BioChain, you can spatially resolve the entire transcriptome or high-plex protein across your tissue sample.”

“Our technology’s advantages include its high multiplexing ability, low hands-on time, and a straightforward procedure,” continued Sundaram. “Our goal is to bring this specialized technology to any researcher or biomedical professional who wants to use it.”

Source: BioChain Institute