Bio-Rad Launches SEQuoia Express Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit

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Bio-Rad’s SEQuoia Express Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit is designed to construct efficient RNA sequencing workflows.

Bio-Rad announced the launch of the SEQuoia Express Stranded RNA Library Prep Kit on June 6, 2022. The kit is designed to construct robust libraries for efficient RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) workflows in comprehensive transcriptome profiling.

According to a company press release, the SEQuoia is a three-tube kit that uses a novel reverse transcriptase and a ligation-free adaptor addition chemistry to produce a reproducible, quantitative RNA-Seq library in three hours. The kit allows researchers to construct robust libraries that capture messenger RNA and long noncoding RNA (> 200 binding proteins) transcripts for differential gene expression analysis and novel transcript delivery.

“Current RNA library preparation approaches are time-consuming, complex, and potentially error-prone, with sample loss observed at each stage in processes with multiple steps,” said Simon May, executive vice-president and president, Life Science Group, Bio-Rad, in the press release. “Bio-Rad offers scientists an enhanced solution, combining its rapid NGS [next generation sequencing] library preparation with integrated data analysis to overcome these difficulties and enable the widespread adoption of RNA-based sequencing."


Source: Bio-Rad