ATMPS and Ori Biotech Collaborate on Integrated Digital Platform for Cell and Gene Therapy

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The ATMPS and Ori Biotech collaboration aims to improve visibility and reporting of cell and gene therapy manufacturing through a pre-integrated data solution.

On April 14, 2021, ATMPS, a UK-based provider of blockchain-based “vein-to-vein” cell orchestration platforms for advanced therapies, and Ori Biotech, an innovator in cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing platforms, announced that they have formed a global non-exclusive collaboration to create an integrated digital data platform to support the development of advanced therapies.

Under the agreement, the partnership will integrate Ori’s proprietary CGT manufacturing platform’s data architecture with ATMPS’ Hataali, a secure data sharing platform that is specially designed to be a scalable system for advanced therapies. The combination of the two proprietary platforms is expected to provide improved product tracking, scheduling, and live monitoring of the manufacturing status across the entire CGT supply chain from vein-to-vein.

Hataali works by encrypting and storing data using distributed ledger technology through a process known as hashing. This process ensures data security is protected through a system of private keys and cryptography. The data platform was the first cell orchestration platform installed in a hospital globally, and ATMPS was the first blockchain company to integrate with the UK National Health Service for the delivery of advanced therapies, the company stated in a press release.

“Ori selected ATMPS’ Hataali technology for integration with our platform to allow the secure sharing of relevant process data with therapy developers, contract development and manufacturing organizations, and even clinicians or patients in real-time. This collaboration will provide increased visibility into the treatment process for those involved at each stage of the treatment process,” said Jason C. Foster, CEO, Ori Biotech, in the press release. “The addition of established technologies from companies like ATMPS allows Ori to further its mission of enabling partners across the CGT industry to bring therapies as safely, cost effectively, and quickly as possible to large numbers of patients with few alternative therapeutic options.”


“Ori is an ideal partner for ATMPS, as both companies share a common mission to lower the costs and improve processes for cell and gene therapies. Ori’s work in helping innovators scale from preclinical to commercial is a massive step towards reducing complexity and bringing these vital therapies to patients more quickly,” said Raja Sharif, CEO, ATMPS, in the press release. “We all know how challenging and expensive the development and manufacturing of CGTs can be. With the help of Hataali, Ori can securely leverage vein-to-vein data to advance their manufacturing solutions much more efficiently. This will enable real-time therapy tracking, improved patient trust, and expediated clinical development.”

Source: Ori Biotech