Asymmetrex’s New Algorithms Offer Low Cost Rapid Cell Counting

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The company has developed mathematical algorithms that generate simple cell-count data from a few days of culture.

Asymmetrex, a Boston, MA-based stem-cell biotechnology company, has discovered mathematical algorithms that allow simple cell count data from a few days of cell culture, which can be used to calculate the stem-cell-specific count of a sample. The new stem cell algorithms address the need for timely, inexpensive stem-cell-specific counting, the company reported in a March 5, 2020 press release.

The new stem cell algorithms are now a part of the company’s AlphaSTEM technology offering, launched in September 2016. The AlphaSTEM platform provides cell-specific count or dose of tissue stem cells. Adoption of the technology has been limited, however, despite the need for more accurate stem cell counting capabilities in academic stem cell research, stem cell biomanufacturing, and stem cell medicine.

“There’s a lot of misinformation in the stem cell industry about the nature of tissue stem cell preparations and how counting stem cells specifically would solve many of the current problems faced by the industry and patients,” said James Sherley, MD, PhD, founder and director of Asymmetrex, in a company press release.


With the discovery of the new algorithms, however, Asymmetrex is now accelerating efforts to identify investors and industry partners who market basic cell counter devices. The company plans to integrate the new algorithms with existing electronic cell counters to develop the first tissue stem cell counters for tissue stem cell research, tissue stem cell biomanufacturing, and stem cell therapies.

Source: Asymmetrex