Archie Cullen Named President of BioReliance

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Archie Cullen has been named the new president of BioReliance, SAFC's biologics and early development services business.

SAFC, the custom manufacturing and services business unit of Sigma-Aldrich, has appointed Archie Cullen as the new president of BioReliance, SAFC’s biologics and early development services business. Cullen replaces Charles Harwood, who is retiring following the acquisition of BioReliance by Sigma-Aldrich in January 2012 and the subsequent integration of BioReliance into SAFC over the past year. In his previous position as vice president of SAFC, Cullen was involved in the acquisition of BioReliance.

"Being able to go to market with our product offerings complemented by an integrated testing platform is expected to create a great opportunity for SAFC to enable new product and service solutions to our customers," stated Cullen in a press release. "Right now, each business is benefiting from its ability to introduce and reintroduce each other to the respective customer bases. My role will be to support a go-to-market approach with a coordinated offering from raw materials to testing. That's what our larger customers have been requesting."


Cullen's career includes a range of global experience in the biopharma sector, including time with Life Technologies and JRH Biosciences. Following the acquisition in 2005 by Sigma-Aldrich, Cullen became vice president of commercial and technical operations for SAFC's biosciences business unit where he was responsible for the organization's global sales, marketing, research and development functions. In 2009, he was promoted to vice president of sales for SAFC where he headed up strategic accounts globally. Cullen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Glasgow and a Master of Business of Administration degree from Open University.