Aptar CSP Technologies Launches New Packaging Solutions Service

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Xcelerate Development Services are complete solution services focused on de-risking development and ensuring speed-to-market.

Aptar CSP Technologies, a packaging solutions company in Auburn, AL, introduced Xcelerate Development Services, a complete solution service focused on de-risking development and insuring speed-to-market.

Launched in response to the complexity of pairing moisture- and oxygen-sensitive medicines to packaging solutions, the new solution service reduces the active packaging design, testing, and implementation process while producing clinical trial and stability samples, regulatory support, and consulting and testing during commercial implementation, according to a Nov. 4, 2019 company press release.

Additionally, the packaging service can detect a product’s moisture and oxygen sensitivity through stability studies that determine the temperature, relative humidity, and oxygen levels of the product and uses the data to create a theoretical package design.


“Our complete solution of material science driven active packaging solutions, and the newly launched Xcelerate Development Services offer improved stability, extended shelf-life, and expedited time-to-market for sensitive medicines,” said Craig Voellmicke, vice president, Business Development, Aptar CSP Technologies. “Together, they provide a valuable combination of effective drug protection and ease of adoption.”  

Source: Aptar CSP Technologies