Analytical Best Practices for Raw Materials Testing

October 15, 2018
Feliza Mirasol
Volume 2018 eBook, Issue 3
Page Number: 4–7

The testing of raw materials is essential as raw material quality determines the outcome of biologic product quality.

Because the raw materials used in biologic drug development can impact drug interaction and patient safety, the testing of raw materials is necessary to ensure quality. BioPharm Internationalspoke with Roisin Browne, site manager at Almac Sciences’ analytical services site in Athlone, Ireland; Andrew Bulpin, head of Process Solutions at MilliporeSigma; and Erik Foehr, PhD, vice-president, Analytical Sciences, at Pacific BioLabs to discuss best practices for analytical testing techniques and instrumentation used for raw materials testing.

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BioPharm International
eBook: Biopharma Laboratory Best Practices 2018
Vol. 31
October 2018
Pages: 4–7


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