AmoyDX and AstraZeneca Enter Master Collaboration Agreement

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AmoyDX has entered a Master Collaboration Agreement with AstraZeneca for multiple companion diagnostics programs in China, EU, and Japan.

Amoy Diagnostics Co. (AmoyDx), a China-based molecular diagnostics company, announced on April 18, 2022 that it has entered into a Master Collaboration Agreement with AstraZeneca. The agreement will enable the companies to develop and commercialize AmoyDx assays that may cover any type of indication or biomarker for companion diagnostic (CDx) use with AstraZeneca medicines.

One of the first projects to be initiated under the agreement is co-developing a CDx to identify prostate cancer patients with Homologous Recombination Repair (HRR) gene mutations in China, the European Union (EU), and Japan. Another prioritized project will be to develop a CDx to identify breast cancer patients with BRCA gene mutations in the EU for Lynparza monotherapy.

HRR and BRCA mutations are important biomarkers that can inform potential treatment options, including a PARP inhibitor such as Lynparza, which was developed jointly by AstraZeneca and MSD. Lynparza is meant for the treatment of advanced ovarian, breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.


“We are very pleased to announce today that we are further developing our partnership with AstraZeneca by entering into a master collaboration agreement,” said Li-Mou Zheng, PhD, founder and chairman of AmoyDx, in a press release. “AmoyDx is a trustworthy CDx co-development partner with rich expertise in R&D, Regulatory Affairs, and Commercialization globally. AmoyDx and AstraZeneca share the common core value of prioritizing patients, and we will work together to accelerate the contribution for the benefit of patients.”

Source: AmoyDx