Amgen Opens Single-Use Manufacturing Plant in Singapore

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The $200-million project will expand Amgen's single-use/disposable manufacturing capabilities.

Amgen announced on Nov. 20, 2014 that it has opened its new biomanufacturing facility in Singapore. The plant uses single-use bioreactors, disposable plastic containers, and continuous purification processing and will feature a flexible, modular design. The goal of the plant is to expand Amgen’s monoclonal antibody manufacturing capabilities for both clinical and commercial products.

The plant will use less energy and water than a traditional biomanufacturing plant, but will have the same annual output as a conventional facility. It will also be much smaller in size, which will allow the company to save money in terms of operating costs.

The innovative plant will enable higher production and greater accessibility to medications for patients, the company notes. "At Amgen, we are reinventing what it means to manufacture biologic medicines," Robert A. Bradway, chairman and CEO of Amgen, said in a press release.


Soon after the Tua site construction in Singapore, Amgen will build a second plant to manufacture carfilzomib, the active ingredient for multiple myeloma drug Kyprolis.

SOURCE: PR Newswire