Aizon Launches a New GxP Compliant Data Aggregation Solution

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Aizon Unify is designed to provide a digital platform for biopharmaceutical data monitoring, analysis, and optimization.

Aizon, an AI software provider, announced the launch of its new good practice (GxP) compliant data aggregation, governance, and visualization solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers, Aizon Unify, on Dec. 8, 2021. Aizon Unify provides a compliant digital platform for monitoring, analysis, and optimization throughout all stages of the biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing processes.

According to a company press release, Aizion Unify resolves problems concerning siloed data sets that feature minimal integration between them. Aizon Unify aggregates data from any pharmaceutical data, system, device or sensor to consolidate, contextualize, analyze, and visualize disparate data. By capturing and monitoring this otherwise disparate data, Aizon Unify is designed to turn these siloed data sets into discrete, actionable information.

Aizon Unify utilizes GxP compliant Internet of things software to begin the data collection process within hours of implementation. According to the press release, this provides data visibility and control without the need for extensive programming.


“Pharmaceutical manufacturers face a daunting challenge as they look to upgrade and automate the manual processes that have run their businesses for decades,” said John Vitalie, CEO, Aizon, in the press release. “Manufacturers just starting their digital transformation journey first need to get access to siloed data and then combine the data to use key insights to make it actionable. Our goal at Aizon is to give them a tangible starting point to use a greater variety of data to streamline operations through automation, improve yield and enhance product quality.”

Source: Aizon