Advanced Flow Cytometry System Breaks the Cost Barrier

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Cytek Biosciences’ Northern Lights series of advanced flow cytometry systems brings reagent and application flexibility to more labs while enhancing performance.

The Northern Lights series of advanced flow cytometry systems by Cytek Biosciences brings reagent and application flexibility to more labs while enhancing performance.

Incorporating the same spectral technology from Cytek’s Aurora series, the company states that scientists can now extract the same amount of information from one sample that would take three or four tubes using a conventional cytometer with a similar price.  The system can expand with application requirements and can be upgraded from one laser (up to nine colors) to three lasers (beyond 24 colors). 

One optical configuration for all applications allows for time savings and a reduced occurrence of experimental errors, the company reports. The optical design and unmixing algorithm combine to enable the use of an array of dyes, including those with highly overlapping spectra such as Allophycocyanin and Alexa 647.

While conventional flow cytometers typically require five lasers to achieve 18 or more colors, Northern Lights enables 24 or more colors with three relatively low-maintenance lasers. Northern Lights also allows for the use of any commercially available dyes that are excited by the onboard lasers, providing more opportunities to use lower-cost reagent options. Additionally, the company added a plate loader that integrates into the system and offers ‘walk away’ capabilities. It supports 96-well plates, three throughput modes, and user customizable modes. The loader system also offers the user the ability to switch between tubes and plates in a matter of seconds.


“At Cytek, we are committed to advancing the scope, reach, and capabilities of flow cytometry, and the only way to accomplish this mission is by developing systems that are powerful and affordable,” said Dr Wenbin Jiang, CEO of Cytek Biosciences, in an Oc. 23, 2018 press release. “Our technology enables scientists to achieve higher quality data all the way up to and beyond 24 colors while simultaneously adding more flexibility, offering an intuitive workflow and lowering the total cost of ownership. With the introduction of Northern Lights, we’re placing the power, flexibility, and intuitiveness of our flow cytometry solutions into the hands of even more scientists-and opening the door for a wider breadth of discoveries.”

Source: Cytek Biosciences