A Growing Biologics Market

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BioPharm International, Emerging Therapies, September 2023 eBook, Volume 2023 eBook, Issue 3
Pages: 4-6

As more novel therapy approvals trend towards biologics, it is important to take stock of what treatments are shaping the future of the market.

Between COVID-19 vaccines launching messenger RNA (mRNA) therapies into the limelight and the rising potential for personalized cancer vaccines, biologics have captured the attention of scientists and investors alike. And for investors in particular, there is additional incentive to invest in biologics treatments due to the new exclusivity periods introduced in the Inflation Reduction Act, which give biologic treatments four more years of manufacturer exclusivity relative to small-molecule alternatives (4).

In tandem with this growing interest, market research firms are estimating the biologics market will grow to anywhere from $506 (5) to $719 billion (6) by the end of the decade. As a major market force, it is important to take stock of what biologics are being approved, as these decisions can provide insight into what the immediate future of the market might look like.

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Grant Playter was previously associate editor with BioPharm International, and Daria G. Husni is assistant editor with BioPharm International.

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BioPharm International
eBook: Emerging Therapies
September 2023
Pages: 4-6


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