BioPharm International-08-01-2013

The bio-pharmaceutical business outlook in South Korea remains positive


August 01, 2013

The US Supreme Court's Myriad decision satisfied both patient groups and patent holders

From the Editor

August 01, 2013

As the Supreme Court ruled on generic-drug liability, FDA outlined new rules for warning labels.

The authors discuss the application of risk management in process lifecycle validation, manufacturing, and change control.

Perspectives on Outsourcing

August 01, 2013

Advances in techniques and single-use systems are revolutionizing vaccine manufacturing.

The author discusses HTST pasteurization and UHT sterilization.

Nanomedicines have been authorized by European licensing agencies for more than 30 years but are still posing regulatory difficulties.

Pharmaceutical companies have stepped up gene therapy development in the wake of the approval of Glybera in 2012.

Choosing the right disposable components for your application.

Global Feature

August 01, 2013

Industry players brace themselves to face challenges as India's new drug-pricing policy kicks in full gear.

FDA funds research to further development of innovative generics, while working to address review and approval issues.

Boot Camp Technical Guide

August 01, 2013

Viruses in animal-derived starting materials could contaminate biopharmaceutical final product. A rigorous testing strategy and removal methods are reviewed.

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